Joo Won on Moon Chae Won’s First Impression

Actor Joo Won opened about the first impression he got from co-star Moon Chae Won.

October 15, Joo Won appeared at an event in Gangnam, Seoul and revealed during an interview that Moon Chae Won “looked very cold at first so I thought it was going to be very hard to get close.”

Joo Won continued, “But suddenly we became close very naturally. Maybe it was because Yoon Seo’s role was to take care of Si On, it was very comfortable. Moon Chae Won actually has a lot of similar characteristics as her role in the drama.”

When he was asked to pick out the best scene from the drama “Good Doctor,” Joo Won chose the scene where Cha Yoon Seo confessed her love to Park Si On and dove into his arms. Joo Won explained, “I wasn’t supposed to cry but my heart was aching so much that we had to reshoot the scene because I had tears in my eyes.”


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