Joo Won on Park Shi On ‘I Still Haven’t Gotten Over It Completely’

Actor Joo Won revealed his thoughts regarding the drama “Good Doctor.”

Recently, Joo Won appeared at the press conference in Gangnam, Seoul to express his thoughts about the drama “Good Doctor” which came to an end on October 8.

Joo Won played a character named Park Shi On, a doctor with level-3 autism. As hard as it must have been to fully understand and digest his character, Joo Won revealed that he is having difficulty getting over the character as well.

Joo Won stated, “I began the drama because of my greed of wanting to do it but I worried about it a lot. There were a lot of times when it was hard for me to express the character since the character himself is very new to expressing his emotions. My heart ached from process of his maturation and growth.”

He continued, “The character’s style of speech and his bad posture both became habits of mine after 4 months of speaking and standing that way. His signature speech became extremely comfortable.”

It appears as though Park Shi On will be lingering inside of Joo Won’s heart for a long time.

Joo Won concluded, “I definitely think I matured a lot as an actor through this drama.”



One thought on “Joo Won on Park Shi On ‘I Still Haven’t Gotten Over It Completely’

  1. because you get into to that character, that why you have difficulty to let go every character you get..
    Something weird for actor/actress actually, but its not bad also…

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