Joowon: About Quitting ‘1 Night 2 Days’ “I’ve Always Feel Sorry to my Hyungs”

Actor Joowon said that he feels really sad to leave variety show ‘1 Night 2 Days’.

On October 15th, Joo Won held a HOPE Day event in one of a cafe at Apgujeong,Seoul. He talked about why he leaves 1 night 2 days “I always feel sorry to my hyungs because I can’t make  people laugh”. “when we filming, I feel I just like do an observation to my hyungs when my hyungs say something to the viewers. And I appreciate what they say. I think my image is I’m just working hard when I’m eating” “I think this show will do well even I’m not here” That’s what he thinks.

Then Joowon said “In last trip, my hyungs held surprise party for me, and it’s obvious thatI shed tears when my hyungs do that party. Because I already know at that time that I will quit, that’s why I cry so hard.” “I get so many love from my hyungs when we filming our trip at Inchido. That’s why I feel really thankful to them”

Joowon gain many love from many people during his appearance as new member from February last year as maknae at 1 Night 2 Days. But because of his overseas schedule, and his upcoming musical schedule, so he’ll quit 1 Night 2 Days, variety show that he already took for this 1 year and 8 months.

Meanwhile, Joowon last trip for ‘1 night 2 days’ to Jeju Island will be broadcasted at Oct 20th.

English translation: mei@Joo Won soompi



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