Kim Ah Joong revealed Joo Won’s uncommon touching habit.

On October 16th, Kim Ah Joong and Joo Won appeared on SBS’ Midnight TV Entertainment. Both actors are starring on the upcoming romantic-comedy film, ‘Catch Me’. Kim Ah Joong was asked about the working experience with Joo Won, who is 5 years younger than her. She answered, “I’m comfortable doing the touching with a man who’s younger than me.” And she added, “Joo Won has very strong touching but also surprising. Everytime I am occupied with other thoughts, he suddenly comes in and grab my elbows.”,drawing out the laughter.  Joo Won answered, “The elbow skin is very stretchable, so it doesn’t hurt no matter how strongly you grasp”, explaining the elbow touching.

After its broadcast, netizens showed responses such as “the elbow skin really doesn’t hurt even when I pinch it.”, “it would be freaky when I get pinched during daydreaming”, “first time to hear about elbow touching” and so on.

Meanwhile, ‘Catch Me’ is a story about an elite profiler Lee Ho Tae (Joo Won) who meets his first love turned thief, Yoon Jin Sook (Kim Ah Joong).

It is set to be released on December.



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