Joo Won Exudes Masculinity Through the Pictorial Pages of Magazine


Actor Joo Won participated in a photo shoot that has the ladies swooning over his serene yet pure charm.

Joo Won radiated his charisma through a fashion magazine photo shoot and interview.

After his last shooting of “1 Night 2 Days” and fan signing, he rushed over to the magazine photo shoot. Despite his busy schedule, he was able to strut in front of the camera with his model poses, and immersed himself into the photo shoot.

In this pictorial, he was able to showcase opposing extremes of innocence and seriousness.

After the photo shoot, an interview was conducted, in which Joo Won was asked to define love. He answered, “The painful, hurting love that Park Si On experiences in KBS2 drama ‘Good Doctor‘ is indeed love, but I don’t want to love painfully. Love is a happy thing. It’s exciting and hot and you’re just happy to feel that way.”

Photo credit: The Star


3 thoughts on “ Joo Won Exudes Masculinity Through the Pictorial Pages of Magazine

  1. I’m sure Joo Won doesn’t smoke. He just did this for photoshoot only but in real life, he’s not a smoker. I know lots of korean actor are smoker. Lee Min Ho and Jang Geun Suk is example korean actor that smoking (not sure they quit already or not) but I’m really sure Joo Won is not a smoker. I doesn’t like this picture eventhough they want him to look more masculin. I prefer to see Joo Won in cute and aegyo side rather than this kind of manly. He doesn’t have to smoke or drink to look masculin. He’s perfect enough ^^ Always supporting Joo Won ^^

  2. lol i find it kind it not appealing bc he’s smoking. There are so many ways to show masculinity other than that.

  3. I’ve ordered this magazine from Yesasia and will get to read it soon but I read someone’s comment that part of article talks about how he had to use 3 cigarettes for props for this picture…and I am very sure he does not smoke. Smoking and drinking in Korea I believe is more of a cultural thing associated with masculinity. I am sure he posed as requested by the photographer.

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