Joo Won May Turn into King of Fashion

Korean actor Joo Won is positively looking into a new big screen project, based on web cartoon titled “Fashion King.”


An official with Joo Won’s agency Sim Entertainment told TenAsia Friday morning that the actor is weighing on starring in new film, tentatively titled “Fashion King,” and the final decision would be made at the end of this month or early November.

Based on the popular web-cartoon of the same name, the movie will focus on a high schooler named Woo Gi-myeong who opens his eyes on fashion and tries to do his best to become the king of fashion.

Director Oh Gi-hwan, who recently scored noticeable success in Chinese box office with Korea-China romance film “A Wedding Invitation,” will take the megaphone.

After finishing successful two-month run of medical drama “Good Doctor” early this month, Joo Won is prepping up for his upcoming musical “Ghost” and romcom movie “Catch Me,” both of which are set to open in December.

Reporter. Cory Lee

Courtesy of MBC

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4 thoughts on “Joo Won May Turn into King of Fashion

  1. Another challenge for him, I really sure he will do the best for this character.. this character really suit with him…Good Luck Joo Won sshi…!!! 🙂

  2. all JooWon fans who’s seen the web-toon are praying together for him not to take this role.
    this is based on the horrible web toon which had 100k+ hate comments…hope he and his management does not take the role…if he does, hope they completely change the story and do not use any CG’s… please…

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