13.10.31 Joowon, Seo Inguk, Lee Jongsuk, Kim Woobin, “Actor you will choose?”

“Last, ahead of the premiere in December is Joowon perfect crime romance < Catch Me >.

It is about the elite profiler ‘ Lee Ho tae ‘ ( Joo Won ) who will have a reunion with his first love that became a legendary thief ‘Yoon Jin Suk’ ( Kim Ah Joong ) and this reunion story will be a full of criminal romance.

< Catch Me > Joowon will be starring as “Lee Ho Tae”, an elite profiler who solves the cases that boasts, having nickname as “a 100% elite profiler” .

Actor Joowon has 185cm height, impeccably perfect body ratio(excellent body proportion) which is like a professional model, Great visual and gain many loves from many people .

Joowon < Catch Me > look perfectly focus on his assigned day to look professional. But in front of people who he loves, he looks infinitely tenderness (warm heart) and won’t be wavering and just look to the one that he loves even though many girls will be attracted by his charisma. Especially from this still cut he looks really good with his body look. Look dazzling in his police uniform and in his model look outfit and we can’t wait to see more fascinating figure from him that will be released in the film.”

Source: http://ch.yes24.com/Article/View/23495
English translation by Joowon-Indonesia

English source: http://joowon-indonesia.com/2013/10/31/news-translation-13-10-31-joowon-seo-inguk-lee-jongsuk-kim-woobin-actor-you-will-choose/


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