[Engsub] 1 night 2 days season 2 Ep.84 watch online

Source: KBS World


6 thoughts on “[Engsub] 1 night 2 days season 2 Ep.84 watch online

  1. yhj,utw,ssk and lsg also going leave the show.only kjm and cth will continue in s3.i hope both of them will do well with new member.i know they feel uncomfortable and sad too stay when some member leave.but show must go on right.1n2d without this 7 member are like no soul.dont compare it to season 1.the both season have their own charm.although kjm and cth still stay but not having lsg there maybe it will be more tough.they need to find someone like him to did mc job.
    im so in love with their brotherhood love to each other.and jw as a makne have done a good job.maybe he alwys feel he lack a lot and not funny but maybe he dont think that being loveable is more important like bird pd said why he choose jw than anyone else.i love jw with his 7 hyungs.i love it so much when they ao caring and take care of him.i hope jw and his hyungs will always remain their frenship forever.about lsg case,im so sad abiut it.not to blame him maybe he has his own reason.i hope kbs not going to band him like mc mong.maybe when the time is going fine he will comeback.i dont know if i can still watching a 1n2d new season but i will try.1n2d for me is warm show that always bring laughter and good feeling.1n2d fighting.will miss them.

  2. This episode is little akwardi dont know to what to said.because jw not talking much.its like his not there.only su geun talk a lot to cheer him.i know his sad and maybe dont have any feeling to talk.that why he become more quiet.this man really dont know how to hide what he feel.his face said it all.jw fighting.

  3. sorry to say but after this last epesode for jw, im not watching it anymore….. im really a fan of lee seung gi of season 1 and joo won of season 2…..so sad…

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