[Interview] Joo Won Chooses Musical ‘Ghost’ over Dramas

There are probably very few people, if any, who would deny that Joo Won was one of the most popular and successful actors of 2013.

Starting from the hit drama Bread, Love and Dreams to his most recent drama Good Doctor, Joo Won has been hitting home runs on every drama on his resume.

But despite his success in dramas, Joo Won has decided to star in musical Ghost for his next step.

Since musicals require many hours of practice and dedication, and because he has been so successful with dramas, there are many questions on his decision.

In an interview, Joo Won said, “I’ve always wanted to get back on the musical stage, since the filming of my first drama Bread, Love and Dreams, but the decision wasn’t entirely up to me. So I have been waiting for the right time to do so, and that’s when this opportunity came up.”

Joo Won will be acting on stage for over a period of six months. He practically gave up on starring in any other TV shows because the musical requires him to be on stage for nearly three hours at a time, which will use up a lot of his energy and time.

Joo Won stated, “I will focus on the musical for the next six months. I am looking through some movie scenarios as well, but for now I have no other plans besides Ghost.”

Ghost is based on the world famous movie Ghost starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.

Its musical stage version, after premiering in London, has led to showings in Broadway, Austrailia, and Netherlands. Joo Won will play the protagnoist in its first showing in Asia. Ghost will begin its performance starting November 24 at the D3 Art Center.

Article credit: Lee Na Rae, Lee Jae Ha
Photo credit: Newsen 

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/49937


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