Joo Won “Although I do not have the confidence to do Variety, I would like to take part in ”

Joo Won reveals his desire to appear in <Dad Where Are We Going>

On the 10th, MBC ‘Section TV’ Entertainment Show broadcast their interview with Joo Won.

On this day, Joo Won was asked “Do you have any interest towards MBC variety shows?” and he replied “Although I love variety, I don’t have the confidence to do it well.”

When the reporter Park suggested MBC variety shows like <We Got Married>, <Real Man> and others, Joo Won explained “<We Got Married> deals with relationships so it won’t be easy. I heard that <Real Men> is very tiring. I heard it from Son Jin Young and Ryu Soo Young hyungs.”

Joo Won then revealed his longing, “Nonetheless , I would like to try <Daddy, Where Are We Going>. I think it’s very interesting and when I watched the show, I have the desire to get married.”

Chinese translation: JOO 演员on Joo Won Baidu

English translation: mrdimples on



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