‘Catch Me’ Joo Won to be back as a charismatic profiler

Photos of Joo Won from ‘Catch Me’ were revealed.


On November 12th, the production team of movie ‘Catch Me’ revealed cuts of Joo Won from the film.


In the film, Joo Won is casting as a professional profiler named ‘Lee Ho Tae’.


One of the photos show Joo Won showing a cute look with a long hair style, and wearing a casual shirt.


Joo Won previously told that his actual personality is very similar to that of Lee Ho Tae, and he will be swaying many fans’ hearts with a different side of him.


Another cut shows Joo Won with an overflowing charisma, which is quite different from the look that he shows in the first one.


He perfectly transformed into a charismatic professional profiler, and his sharp and confident look is drawing many fans’ attention.


It is said that Joo Won completely melted into his role, and that he deeply impressed all of the staffs with amazing professionalism.


Meanwhile, ‘Catch Me’ will be officially released on December 12th.

Source: http://sg.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/catch-me-joo-won-to-be-back-as-053926341.html


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