[MV] Joo Won and Ji Yeon from Musical Ghost, “Three Little Words”

Thanks sdl8 for sharing this video to me ^^


6 thoughts on “[MV] Joo Won and Ji Yeon from Musical Ghost, “Three Little Words”

  1. Awesome Yoonshinli & my pleasure… JooWon’s been sooo busy it’s hard to keep up with him. But JooWon International fans should not miss out on JooWon’s amazing MV!!! 🙂
    Hope you don’t mind but will keep sharing as I find it (if I am doing anything you’ve posted already, you have my permission to delete mine.) Also will try to post the translations on Fan’s sharing page as well! 🙂

  2. Leap, hope this translation (captured meaning) helps! 🙂

    Joo Won and Park Ji Yeon


    When I hold you in my arms
    When I help you in the kitchen
    When we play with words
    When I stand beside you in everything
    I say it with my eyes

    Sam, sometimes I want to hear those words
    Your love towards me
    I want to feel them all
    It’s true, I know
    You love me
    I can see it in your eyes, your heart
    There’s no pretense, no lies
    But when we are apart, I want to hear you say
    “I love you”
    I love you, right now
    Our life is perfect (complete)
    There is one thing I wish for (only one thing lacking)
    Those three little words buried deep in your heart
    JW: It is not like everyone has to use the same words to express their heart, isn’t it?
    JY: But everyone says it
    JW: Instead of saying those short words without meaning it
    it’s more important to understand and share (link) each other’s hearts with faith
    JY: Sam, I need to hear those three little words now
    JY: I am afraid your feelings towards me might disappear.
    Although I would like to hear it every day
    But even just this one time, it’s okay.
    Still, that will be good.
    JY: It’s not that I ever doubt you JW: There is no need to doubt
    JY: I just want to hear your true feelings, I need to hear it JW: It is not a must to use words to express
    JY: Your heart JW: My heart
    JY: with you right now JW: when I am stroking you
    JY: our life is perfect (complete) JW: When I make coffee for you at night
    JW: when I am concerned about you
    JW: I say it when I sing JY: Can’t you say it to me
    JY: Don’t just keep it inside
    JY: Tell me
    JY: with you right now JW: When we visit your aunt
    JW: When I arrange your clothes
    JW: when we laugh together JY: our life is perfect (complete)
    JW: I am shouting all this while
    JW: I…………………..don’t know why I can’t express it with words
    JY: Say it to me now
    JY: Say you love me

  3. Sdl8, thank you for your translation!!!! Huhuhuhu! I suppose this song is when Joowon’s character is already a ghost. The female lead wanting desperately to hear joowon’s character to say those 3 words again. Now I really want to watch Joowon perform. I hope when the show opens on nov 24…other fans will continue to upload clips of his performances. Thank you again!

  4. Leap, unfortunately, the iseensee (musical management company) is not allowing filming during the show but only allowing it at the end, curtain call… 😥

    This song was towards beginning of the Ghost when Sam was still alive. Sam meets Molly at the restaurant and Molly, after telling Sam “Let’s get Married,” she wishes to hear the three little words, ‘I Love You’ from Sam. And This song is about their conversation. 🙂

  5. Hahhaaha! Me and my romantic ideas. Nevertheless, it was a good video that showcased Joowon’s talent. Thank you for enlighhtening me. Hope you will continue to share with us whatver video you have of him. 🙂

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