[Translation] Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook – “If I were” from Good Doctor and “Here Right Now” from Ghost by Joo Won


YooHeeYeol Sketchbook Translation

JooWon=JW YooHeeYeol=MC Ivy=IV

MC: (to audience’s reaction) That’s right. Isn’t our image similar?
Here’s JooWon on our show. (to JW) Have you been well?
JW: Yes, I’ve been very well.
MC: I am quite surprised that you sing very well. There have been many actors and comedians who came on our show but you have the best singing vocal (singing ability).
JW: No…I lack a lot…
MC: (with his signature look, eyes of hawk) Don’t be a show-off
JW: Hyung, (older brother) your signature look (eyes of hawk) came out!
MC: By the way, why haven’t you been in contact all this time? (touching JW’s leg, says) I am just curious of his pant’s material. This material seems very pretty… (to JW) why didn’t you contact all this time?
JW: I failed to get your contact information last time…
MC: I see…I am not the type of a guy to gives my contact away easily everywhere…
Could you introduce the song you sang today upon your entrance? What kind of song was it?
JW: Many may know, it’s a song character Si-On sang on Good Doctor. This is the song I always liked which became the Drama’s OST.
MC: Yes, it’s a song by An Chi Hwan…
JW: Correct, “If I were”
MC: Today, we just heard this in JW’s version, but our writer made a special request that he/she would like to hear Si-On’s version as well. Can you really do that? I can’t imagine it as Si-On has a unique way of talking.
JW: That’s right. Although you think this could be done easily, there needs to be a basic posture…
MC: Ah, you need a method acting to do this…
JW: Basic posture is bent back…I acted in this posture throughout the drama. The head needs to be turned little, like this, and eyes without much focus… MC: He’s concentrating He’s getting into the character…
JW: Do I sing? Do you want me to sing? MC: What’s wrong with you?
JW: (sings Si-On version of “If I Were”) I did it like this.
MC: while looking at you this way, my maternal instinct, which I don’t have, is coming out. I see, so this is the maternal instinct…
MC: JooWon is currently working as an Actor but debut was as a Musical Actor.
JW: Yes, correct
MC: This time, you are going back to, you can say your “home”, which is as Musical Actor, what kind of piece is it?
JW: Many people know the movie “Ghost” which is the original piece of this musical.
MC: Ah, the movie in 1990’s with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. I am sure everyone remembers the part where she is making the potter on the wheel like this, then from behind comes “oh my ~ love~.” Right? Right?
JW: Yes, you are right. It’s a very beautiful scene MC: I told myself not to sing even when I get too excited…that part really is the best scene…could you show it to us right now?
JW: But it requires a female actor and something like a piano bench… MC: We have Piano bench and a female actor. JW: Oh, female actor too? MC: We are well prepared and ready. There is a person who has a body of a Girl Group singer.
JW: Really? MC: (when the chair comes) I will just sit here and that will do. Ja, please show us that scene…I am going to think of this as real acting. So JooWon, you shouldn’t get any serious feelings or get into it too much. JW: I am going to act very sincerely also.
MC: Let’s get it over with quickly?
JW: (sings)
MC: JooWon Stop!!!
JW: (laughs)… but I think you have a very slim and delicate body.
MC: really to this extent… you really are a good actor. Wow, I really got into it and at a moment, felt like my soul was escaping my body. I feel sorry that I may have messed up such a beautiful scene for the audience… At this time, would like to introduce the original female star of this scene. Singer, and recently as a Musical Actor, there is nothing she cannot do. Here’s Ivy.
MC: Before we sit down, Ivy, please introduce yourself.
IV: Hello. Glad to meet you, I am IVY.
MC: JooWon worked with many female actors in the past. What is IVY’s charm?
JW: First, she is very nice(kind). So many people have confirmed it. Also she has an excellent singing skill that other actors cry every time she sings.
MC: Oh, really? She has feeling and strength in her singing to that extent…
JW: She makes people cry just from her singing
MC: Since two of you are coming out as a lover in this musical, what kind of scenes are there? I am personally curious to know if there will be a kiss scene and or more?
IV: It’s a must see for many females because JooWon takes off his top. I take them off since there is a bed scene.
MC: Good Good~~
This really is a good Musical.
We will be watching your performance together next, please explain which scene it is…
JW: It’s the scene showing the happy daily life of Sam & Molly. It’s saying “Here Right Now,” we are very happy. The song is a happy song picturing a beautiful love scene.
MC: With our request for this song, wish two of you a successful performance.
Will say good-bye now with JooWon & Ivy who came on our show today.
Thank you for being our guest today.
JW/IV: Thank you.

Thanks sdl8 for sharing


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