Joo Won Almost Coughed Up Blood on Stage for ′Ghost′

Clearly working hard for his musical, Joo Won confessed that he almost coughed up blood on stage.

Joo Won attended the press rehearsal for Ghost which took place on November 21 at Shindorim D-Cube Art Center, along with co-stars Ivy, Choi Jung Won and Park Ji Yeon.

Acting as the protagonist, Sam Wheat, Joo Won will play the man who cannot leave his love even after his death.

Joo Won said in an interview that day, “The hardest part in the musical, as said by many other actors who played Sam Wheat, is singing the last song in the first half of the musical. I have to pour in all of Sam’s feelings into the song. I was told to sing to the point where I cough up blood.”

“So I put all my effort to sing that song, and really felt like I was going to cough up blood. I wondered if I was going too far with it, but later they said I was doing it right. After the first half, I almost felt like fainting, because I was singing so hard at the end.”

The musical Ghost will be released on November 24 and will continue to show until next June at D-Cube arts center.



4 thoughts on “Joo Won Almost Coughed Up Blood on Stage for ′Ghost′

  1. please take care of your the way any info on Joowon’s schedule for Ghost next year? plan to watch him (will come from overseas)..thanks in advance for whatever info you can give me. more power to Ghost!

  2. very hardworking person…so difficult to find man like him, at very young age so hardworking…
    Joo Won sshi, you must thank to God who giving this good life to you like this…
    Not many people have a change like you…

  3. OMO 😦 Oppa, please take care of yourself!….It may sound crazy but your fans really do love you and care for you. Our only wish (at least mine is) is to see you happy, healthy and enjoying life.

    Take care Oppa! SarangHae….your fan from Belgium

  4. I love the music in ghost. Especially with joo won singing. Will there be a release of the musical available for purchase? We love you joo won!

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