Joo Won Quit Drinking Coffee for His Health

Joo Won confessed he quit drinking coffee, which he used to love.

In an interview during a briefing session for the production of movie Catch Me on November 18, Joo Won said, “Recently I got very sick and realized that I cannot just go on like this. I used to think that I was fit and didn′t have to worry about health but now I’ve quit drinking coffee, and been eating red ginseng instead.”

Joo Won has been living on a ‘killer schedule’ these days, working on dramas, variety shows, movies, on top of a musical.

Regularly going on stage for performance, Joo Won said, “I’ve been just about eating anything healthy that I can find. My mother has been making homemade fruit juice for me as well. I heard you have to take care of health while you’re still healthy.”

In the upcoming romantic comedy movie Catch Me, Joo Won will act as the elite profiler who falls into a dilemma upon finding out that his next target, played by Kim Ah Joong, is his first love.

Catch Me will be released on December 12.



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