‘Catch Me’ Kim Ah Joong: “Joo Won Is Mature And Considerate”

Actress Kim Ah Joong mentioned actor Joo Won, whom she had filmed the movie “Catch Me” together.

In the afternoon of December 2, 2013, a press conference of the movie “Catch Me” took place in Lotte Cinema near Geon University in Ja Yang Dong, Seoul. Director Lee Hyun Jong, actress Kim Ah Joong, and actor Joo Won made appearances in the press release, introducing their characters and a number of episodes in filming the movie.

On this day, Kim Ah Joong said, “In the movie, my character is always running away. There is a time in the movie when I have to clean up the mess with Joo Won that I have made while running away, and I (my character) emotionally depend on him.” Kim Ah Joong added, “In fact, Joo Won does not feel younger than me at all. He is very mature and considerate that I naturally grew to depend on him on various things, and had a lot of fun filming the movie,” showing off her teamwork with Joo Won.

Meanwhile, movie “Catch Me” is a crime romantic comedy story of a professional profiler Lee Ho Tae, played by Joo Won, and his first love of ten years ago, Yoon Jin Sook, played by Kim Ah Joong.

Movie “Catch Me” premieres on December 19, 2013.

Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/12609/20131202/catch-kim-ah-joong-joo-won-mature-considerate.htm


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