Joo Won in Gag Concert: Even the Cast Loved Him!

Joo Won has surely made his fans cry on Bridal Mask and he has made you love him more on the Good Doctor. Recently, he has made his fans laugh and the cast happy on Gag Concert.

One of the most sought after actors of the present time- Joo Won had made a special appearance and guesting on the Comedy Show which aired December 1st.  Hilarious photos of the actor alongside other cast of Gag Concert circulated over the Web which delighted the fans and followers of Joo Won and the show.

One of the comediennes of the show, Ahn So Mi, posted on her Facebook account a photo with Joo Won and a message that says, ” Joo Won, the very first guest of the segment ‘ Three Friends’?? Oppa?? Thank you very much. Now, I don’t need to use the Internet, Ke. People next to him look like squid”. The photo shows everyone doing a ‘wacky’ pose while Joo Won sticks out his tongue and appeared really cute.

Joo Won has already made an appearance before and actually sang, too,  which made the audience squeal when they had seen him onstage.

Fans can also catch him with his new film ‘Catch me’ opposite Kim Ah Joong.



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