Joo Won Would Sing on the Street for a Proposal

Joo Won said he can do anything to please the loved one for a proposal – even sing in front of many people on the street!

Joo Won attended the press conference for the upcoming movie Catch Me at Lotte Cinema in Gungae, Seoul on December 2.

At the conference, Joo Won talked about a scene in the movie where he proposes to his co-star Kim Ah Joong by singing on the street.

“I could propose by singing in front of many people, if that’s what she wants. That’s not a problem for me,” said the actor, showing off his romantic side.

Joo Won plays ‘Lee Tae Ho’ in the movie, an elite and handsome profiler who sharply analyzes the psychology of the criminals in order to solve cases.

The strict and cold-hearted Lee Tae Ho falls into a dilemma for the first time in his career, when he faces Kim Ah Joong′s character, who also happens to be his first love.

Pointing out another similarity between him and the role he plays, Joo Won confessed that, like Lee Tae Ho, he is also into building plastic robot models.

“Several people have bought me plastic model sets as gifts, but I can’t easily open them since once you start working on them, you can’t stop. I’m afraid they might interfere with my acting career,” said the actor. “But I like building things with my hands.”

Catch me will premiere on December 19.

Photo credit: Newsen



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