Joo Won Captures Hearts of All Women with ‘GHOST and ’Catch Me’

 Actor Joo Won is receiving so many positive reviews for his recent works than any other time.
Actor Joo Won is busy acting on stage and in film. Joo Won is currently playing a main role in musical ‘GHOST’ and his romantic comedy movie ‘Catch Me’ is released next week.
Musical ‘GHOST’ is already showing 95% of sold-out rate so it is almost all sold-out. In addition, his new film with Kim Ah Joong is released on December 18 and pre-ticket purchase rate is at top.
In ‘Catch Me,‘ Joo Won plays a role of profiler whose characteristic is completely different from what he plays in ’GHOST.‘ The profiler character is very cold-hearted, but when love comes, he is completely fool.
Joo Won’s winter is joyful than any other seasons. The actor is still very young, but he is overcoming his limit by himself and continues to grow up. As the actor spent amazing year by showing up in many different programs and drama, critics review that his next year is very promising. (photo captured from ‘Catch Me’)

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