Joo Won Promises to Sing While Eating Chicken on ′Cultwo Show′

Joo Won and Kim Ah Joong headed to the Cultwo Show to promote their film.

The two stars from the movie Catch Me attended the recording for December 14’s broadcast of SBS’s radio show Cultwo Show

During the recording, the two stars shared many stories from filming the movie

When asked about the kiss scene in the movie, Kim Ah Joong said “Joo Won’s character in the movie is so innocent and pure that I felt like he was a baby during the kiss scene.”

One of Joo Won’s fans who attended the recording was a male fan wearing a bridal maskcatching many people’s attention.

When asked about how he feels about his male fans Joo Won answered, “I was one of the very few males who would attend Sung Si Kyung’s concerts So I know what he [the fan] feels like.”

The actor also expressed his special love for chickens

“Chicken tastes good no matter how you cook it,” said Joo Won

Then he promised everyone that if Catch Me sells over 3 million tickets, he will come back to Cultwo Show and sing while he eats chicken Kim Ah Joong joined in by saying she will dance next to him.

Catch Me is premiering on December 18

Photo credit: Lotte Entertainment



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