Joo Won Shows Off His Connections at ‘Catch Me’ VIP Preview

Joo Won unintentionally showed off his diverse personal connections, when numerous directors, writers and stars showed up for Catch Me’s preview.

The VIP preview for the upcoming movie Catch Me was held on December 16 at Lotte Cinema theatre near Konkuk University in Seoul.

At the preview, Joo Won took special care of the writers of his previous dramas, including KBS2’s Baker King, Kim Tak Goo, Bridal Mask, Ojakgyo Brothersand 7th Grade Civil Servant, who attended the event to show their support for the actor.

Apart from the writers, many actors and actresses who previously worked with him also gathered at the event, including Moon Chae Won, Jin Se Yeon, Park Ki Woong, Joo Sang Wook, Han Chae Ah, Choi Kang Hee and Ivy as well as those from the same agency, including Uhm Jung Hwa, Uhm Tae Woon, Im Yoon Ho and Ju Jin Mo.

Joo Won is known to consider team work a very important component when he films a drama or a movie, always interacting with the staff and co-stars to create good atmosphere during filming, and he was able to show his connections at the VIP preview.

Catch Me is premiering on December 18.

Photo credit: Sim Entertainment



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