The Big Big Big Event That Happened to JooWon This Year? [Intervew]

2013-12-15 11:09

[OSEN=Yoon Ga Yi Reporter] Since his debut, he did not get a chance to fully rest.  Last 2010, Joo Won dropped in like a meteor through drama ‘Baker King Kim Tak Gu’s Homme Fatale role.  He was called ‘Kang Dong Won Look-alike’ in the beginning of debut, it was a great title for others to recognize his name but ‘Joo Won is Joo Won but because of those who didn’t call Joo Won Joo Won’ he felt he was treated unfairly time to time.

And 3 years, he lived using one month like it’s two months.  Now, ‘Kang Dong Won Look-alike’ tag has been dropped.  Joo Won is only Joo Won.  He is now ‘Good Doctor’s JooWon, ‘Bridal Mask’s Joo Won, ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’s Joo Won.  He has captured title role of terrestrial Mini-Series and for the first time in his life facing opening of his own title role in Movie ‘Catch Me’ (Director Lee Hyun Jong), at this point, this is high-speed growth that should lack nothing.

An interview with him who’s spending an obviously very busy year-end promoting ‘Catch Me’ and performing for Musical ‘Ghost.’  He said he’s training himself into submission by quitting his favorite coffee, which he used to drink more than 10 cups a day, to manage his throat condition.

The following is a straightforward, simple questions and answers.

The film is the first movie as a main character. Main cast and supporting cast, what are some of the differences?


“First, the amount is tremendous for the main.  Especially in Romantic-Comedy (Rom-Com from here on) genre, the amount is very large.  To be honest, I used to be a little afraid of Rom-Com.  Is it okay for me to do this (act).  I had much of this kind of thinking.

Through title role of ‘Bridal Mask’ I’ve gained bit of confidence and went straight into ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’ and Rom-Com was so much fun.  Until then I wasn’t much interested…”

What was the reason Rom-Com was especially fun?

 “When acting on other genre, about 90% is cast role and 10% is real Joo Won.  But I feel Rom-Com is divided more naturally into 50%  me and 50% cast role.  Ah, this is the fun side.  I was learning to feel the  fun of doing more freely, more of the way I want, and at that point I received the ‘Catch Me’ Script.  One of the reasons of selecting ‘Catch Me’ is because I learned the fun of Rom-Com through ‘Level 7 Civil Servant.”

Isn’t Rom-Com more fun because the love in reality is dry?

“Mmm…ha ha.  I don’t think I can do things for the first love to the point of Ho Tae in the movie.  I want to be pure/innocent in love but it is always hard in reality.  Everyone wants to love passionately but it is hard in reality so you are getting the vicarious satisfaction.  When watching mellow piece, you also get the vicarious satisfaction…”

In one interview, it became the talk of conversation when you mentioned you are still keeping in touch with your first love coolly

“It is not that I am cool but I don’t like that.  ‘We are breaking up.  I am not going to see you ever!’  I don’t think this is right.  You liked each other so much and I didn’t want us to be an enemy all of a sudden.  However, it’s not like we are keeping that much in contact either.  Since we went to same high school… our school system is set up so that you are in same class throughout the entire 3 years of high school so even after you graduate, all class members keep in touch with each other and you can’t help but to hear her news.  It’s definitely not just because I am cool.

Recenlty on the show you mentioned your ideal woman is not wearing skirt, have a bit of tummy, have fundamental notions/ideals


“Isn’t it uncomfortable when wearing skirt… haha. About having a bit of tummy, I think it was because since I was young I kept touching my mother’s tummy… hahah… even now I touch mother’s tummy first when I go home… I like a woman with a tummy.

Mmm.. and woman with fundamental notions/ideals, I am talking about having the courtesy, manners, etiquette, propriety, manner towards elders.  My rage increases when I am out with my parents and see those both men and women who treat elders without respect.  I think young people should have the basic respect/manners.

All this time, you are acting with older actresses.  What kind of actress was Kim Ah Joong


“I felt she’s really good.  Perhaps because she has done so many Rom-Com, I felt she especially knew it well and I learned about female’s sensitivity.  No matter how sensitive a man is, he cannot catch up to female’s sensitive eyes.  When I saw it, it looked fine but noona kept insisting on filming again.  So when monitoring afterwards, I can see why she said let’s take it again.  With one scene, you film so many times… noona knew well why what is better.  It was hard to see in my eyes but it seems to show in noona’s eyes.. haha.”

You are crossing Drama, Movie and in a long time again Musical.  Which is the most attractive

 “I really don’t know.  Current performance (on stage) is being my strength for sure.  But whether movie is better or Drama is better, it’s hard to say.  Some say drama is hard because of filming non-stop but it’s fun to me.  Of course, you don’t have time to sleep but script comes out at a certain time, you film and script comes out again… having to do things quickly to make it work is really good.  And as for Movie, filming itself is fun but it has more space while filming (in relation to drama), so the time you spend with people talking and being together is fun.  Mmm.. Stage gives you 2 ½ hours of time for you to concentrate and pour out all you have without thinking of surroundings and that feeling… that is really good.”

Isn’t your schedule a killer

 “It is busy but mental and physical strength was there.   The fact is I created more work because of my desire.  After completing ‘Good Doctor’ as I was going to Musical practice, had much thought about if it would be alright.  But from the first day as soon as I got there, it was so much fun.  It would have been very difficult if it wasn’t fun.  Also as I am performing now, I get so excited and get to look forward to it and I don’t seem to get exhausted.

You must get stressed running steady and busy

 “My personality must be not the type to get stressed very much.  No, I am sure I get it.  but personally I just  think ‘what’s good is good,’ ‘it’s better to do it with a laugh.’ But during ‘Bridal Mask’ I had the partial hair loss (due to stress).  I felt it for the first time then.  ‘Ah, I guess I also get stressed’ hahaha.

 There’s not a particular way to relieve stress.  I can’t drink alcohol well so I can’t relieve stress by drinking alcohol so that must be partial reason why I am into drinking coffee.  But these days, I also quit drinking coffee for performance.  Sigh…  haha.”

Now there is a tag of Big Trend.  Do you agree with the Big Trend valuation

 “In fact I was especially worried with current Musical.  From Musical Production side, casting a celebrity (actor) instead of the professional stage actor means they must have high expectation of ticketing power.  I had tremendous anxiety of not meeting that expectation.  I am not an Idol Singer…  so far, I feel lucky it’s being sold out from the beginning.  I just think I now have a bit of recognition that is about it.  I especially have increased fans wearing school uniforms (meaning younger/student fans).  So on stage I feel a little like I became an Idol?  Haha.”

Ah, now student fans increased?

 “I think they increased from the time of ‘Good Doctor.’ Before, there were many older fans.  Now I see students in uniform saying ‘Big Big Big event (jackpot jackpot jackpot)’ when they see me.  However, besides that, I have no time to feel the popularity since I am not the style to go outside walking around or anything like that.”

When you go overseas it is jammed with fans from the airport

 “Ah.  When I go abroad it’s amazing.  Many multi-national fans came to see (me) at current ‘Ghost’ theater.  Many came from Indonesia and Tunisia.  When I went to Japan previously I was able to go through the airport comfortably but now a days, there is a barricade and it is difficult to get out.  I also went to Thailand and there were fans that followed from airport to hotel in taxi.  I feel dazed/bewildered.  Haha.”

Seems you’ve had many variations through variety of genres and characters.  You’ve even had the main role in Rom-Com, what is your next planned project?

 “Personally I want to do mellow acting.  Even when I am watching action movie, for example, ‘Matrix,’ the mellow part of the movie seems so good.  It was the part it didn’t seem that big to me in the past.  I have a hope of acting in a good mellow piece.”

Joo Won said personally the year 2013 was the year he learned certain amount of guts and placidity.  He said it was busy as any other times and physically challenging but the pleasure at the site kept him going.  And after the busy process of going back and forth between drama and movie, on the stage he is standing for the first time in a long time, found himself grown.

Joo Won who says, I now get to think if I do one project after another like this I will be able to become a good actor.  He says he is happy that he feels more and more like his dream can come true and that he seems he is taking each step towards that dream.

On the other hand, ‘Catch Me’ shows the rom-com events that occurs upon Professional Profiler Lee Ho Tae (Joo Won) meeting his first love from 10 years ago, Yoon Jin Sook (Kim Ah-Joong) who turns out to be Grand Thief.

<Picture> Lee Dae Sun Reporter

Osen article origin Here

English translation by Sdee HC @



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  1. why he always feel fun and enjoy with their busy activity and work,?? ( I’m feel jealous for this side of him) … I hope can get some of he strength for always fun for me to always happy with anything I do..

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