Actor Joo Won Appears on Thailand ‘Sorayuth Show’ And Receives Much Attention

Actor Joo Won has gained much interest after being a guest on a Thailand program called , “Sorayuth Show.”

The “Sorayuth Show” is one of the most popular TV talk shows in Thailand and holds 70% of viewer ratings.

On January 18, Joo Won visited Thailand for the first time since his debut and held various press conferences, fan meetings and other schedules on the 19th.

He received much spotlight from local media as he appeared on the show. Sorayuth commented, “Today we invited Korea’s top star Joo Won,” and asked if he could introduce himself in Thai.

Joo Won also acted out famous scenes form his musical as well as sang a song to show off his musical actor side.

The MC praised his voice saying that it was perfectly romantic and applauded him.

They also asked what he thought of Thai woman and Thai food. Joo Won commented, “I’ve met a few Thailand fans while I was filming for a drama. They were very friendly and had beautiful smiles. I also love Thai food and love Thai mangoes the best.”

This broadcast began to spread through YouTube and Thailand media also spread news of his fan meeting as well.

Joo Won also posted on his twitter a picture of him while in Thailand as well.

Joo Won has finished his Thailand promotions and will be headed to Singapore, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia to continue his promotions.



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