Joo Won Gathers 1,000 Fans for a Fan Meeting in Thailand

Joo Won successfully held his fan meeting in Thailand, gathering over 1,000 fans in the country.

Joo Won held a fan meeting titled 2014 Sweet Smile JOO WON Fan Meeting in Thailand, First Love on January 19, meeting with his fans in Thailand.

Joo Won took the lead for the fan meeting, performing five songs live, singing, dancing and playing the guitar. He also gave high-fives to the fans after the fan meeting was over.

He also attended one of Thailand’s popular talk shows called ‘Rueng Lao Chao Nee and sang an OST from KBS 2TV’s drama Good Doctor.

A staff member who was present at Joo Won’s fan meeting said, “He performed live for the entire event, lasting for about two hours. I was touched to see him smiling and giving out high fives to all of his fans even after the show was over. I could feel that he really loves and cares for his fans.”

Having held successful fan meetings in Thailand and Japan, Joo Won will be headed to Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong to carry on with his promotional activities.

Photo credit: Sim Entertainment


4 thoughts on “Joo Won Gathers 1,000 Fans for a Fan Meeting in Thailand

  1. yoonshinli!!! WHERE ARE U??? ARE U SICK???

  2. i have been wondering the same!!!!!!! I check back regularly but you seem to be out of touch….so sad. This page has just been the best on Joo Won that is out there, so thank you for your hard work and commitment. Whatever bugs you, I wish you all the best! Many hugs from afar!

  3. me too.wondering why this blog become not active anymore.Im always come here first before others site to read new news about Joo won and all recent update about him.Well can’t help about it.maybe admin’s here are too buzy from their daily work and life.futhermore,joo Won have forum at soompi with recent update.Thank you guys for ur hardwork.,Wish all of you the best..

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