About us

Just a cozy space for Joo Won’s fans to admire our talented, hottest, cutest actor, to catch up his latest news and to help “patients” who are suffering from Joo Won’s dimples!

Pyong pyong!


60 thoughts on “About us

  1. i falling in love with this Blog..so awesome…
    yes!! our cutie-pie dimples is the most handsome guy….with his great personality and his humble attitudes….

  2. the first sigt i watch kim tak goo drama,, i fall in love ,,he is very cool all in his drama, all his drama great act, great drama, great rating, i hope the next bridal mask will great drama, and act. i fall in love again after cn blue

  3. For the first time I come to your blog coz of I watched OBJ one month ago
    I love&like TeeEun couple very much. I’m very happy when I found this blog. I often try to visit your blog **Thailand FC**

    • THat’s so great, dear cuz this blog was made after I watched OB,too and because I love TaeJa couple so much then I became Joo Won’s fan LOL

      Thanks for coming to this blog and feel free to comment and show your love to Joo Won ^_^

  4. Thank you for this wonderful blog about him. I joined because I am suffering with his beautiful eyes…. help me… his eyes is killing me

  5. ahahahaha! THIS –> ‘help “patients” who are suffering from Joo Won’s dimples’ i thought i was the only one O.O Thank you for making this blog. i appreciate it very much. i love joo won .. next to Park Yoochun ^_^

  6. Thanks for your great job n evrday i surf ur blog 4 Joo Woon updates!! i fall in love wth ojak brothers n Taeun couples..can’t erase them from my mind.still the DVD not yet out.hope there is update about Taeun couples too.Hav a nice day ..:DDD

  7. I love your webpage. It has all the updates about Joo Won. Glad I found this site. Never thought Joo Won had so much love internationally. I fell for him directly while watching his debut drama ‘Baker Kim Tak Goo’. Excellent acting!! I’ll always visit your site~ Thank you so much for all the effort ^^

    • He does not smoke based on interviews I read about him. And look at those gorgeous teeth…shiny white!!!!!!! He loves coffee though from what I read

  8. I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!! i have been a fan since kim tak goo!! and thts long :), waiting to see more of his work, becuase he truly is TALENTED!!

  9. Joowon, why are you so cute? your expression makes me die because of your cuteness. Whenever I watch ojakygo brothers and whenever I see him getting jealous I can’t stop smiling 🙂 Uee and Se yeon are very lucky! and I also heard that you have a new drama. I just want to say fighting and keep it up. thanks to this blog I am always updated about Joowon. =))

  10. I’ve been posting and browsing this site for over an hour. I’m really enjoying it! I just wish there was a FORUM on here where we can post topics and converse easily with each other 🙂

  11. Love your website hope you dont get tired of updating it!!!! Love all the news you have about him!!!!! Already subscribed… Hehehe! Btw I want to make it known to the producers/writers/directors if they might consider doing a korean version of Autumn’s Concerto and have Joo won as the lead actor!!!!! That would be a dream come true!!! Anyone out there agrees with me?!?!?

  12. am a new fan from EGYPT..i just saw kakshi tal drama n then i knew him…..n i REALLY can’t believe how fast i got into him !..he is so pure n cute..thnx girls for ur effort n hope u accept me as a part of ur family 🙂

  13. hi i need your help. i want to send a present for Joo Won but i don’t know how can i do? please guide me . i’m not from Korea I live in the middle east please help me

  14. hi there! i’m a designer and working on a very cool fun ‘KDRAMA SURVIVAL KIT’ promo kit that if possible, I’d like to send to JOO WON agent for the potential of marketing this as a fundraiser for an orphanage of JOO WON’s choice. do you have any address? thanks!

  15. Anyeong Haseyo! I’m a big fan of Joo Won – his performance in Gaksital really won me over. Does anyone know the address where he receives fan mail? I want to thank him for being such an incredible role model.

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