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Here is the place for everyone to chatting, make friends and of course, to share about love with our Joo Won ^^

I think someone will wonder why I put the name of this place is Moon & Stars. This name I think it’s start when I watched The moon embrace the sun, when I watched it I usually think about Joo Won’s real name. It’s Moon Jun Won, and then I start to think that if Joo Won is moon then who or what will be the sun? I guess right now the sun that he “embrace” is his career (about acting and of course, singing). Then I think who will embrace him, I mean embrace the moon ^^  One day when I play twitter,someone start to say that we should call Joo Won’s fans are Joowonies, and they also talk about the way Joo Won always say pyong whenever he tweet is so cute, they want to hug and kiss him because he’s too cute. That’s the time I think that we will be the ones who embrace the moon LOL

Maybe will have somebody say that I’m nonsense or like a fool or something but I really think that we’ll be “The stars embrace the moon” because of our love to Joo Won. I know that there is so many people love him, maybe there many reasons why you fall in love with this guy, maybe because he’s handsome, tall, sexy eyes,sexy lips… or maybe because you love his character in some dramas or movies, or maybe you love him because of his cute, because he has a good manners, he’s polite and maybe because that guy say “pyong” to goodbye with his mommy. Or maybe there is no any reason at all, you just know that you love him till sometime you get crazy because of him^^

Love someone maybe has many reasons maybe has no reason at all, but love is still love, so I just wanna say if you love Joo Won then let’s support him together (with me) LOL So please go to this blog often and share our love to Joo Won

Omi, I think I talked to much, and some of that is nonsense, I guess I have to change to not say anything nonsense

Anyway, please feel free to express your your to Joo Won in here ^-^


63 thoughts on “Moon & Stars

  1. thankz 4 shared all about our joowonies…..i like so much start from drama….i fgot the name of drama…king bakery something i think…….i will support our joowonies alwaz….

    • I really like Joo Won….but I alrady love you guys (makers of this wonderful blog) for bringing us all the good news and info about Joo Won. I know it takes effort and time, and since I’m just one of those who rips from the efforts of other….Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ….You guys deserve to meet Joo Won in person ^^

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your thinks .. I enjoyed reading it^^
    for me I started love him after I watched his acting he’s very good actor and
    after I watched him in programs and following him in twitter I loved him even more because of his personality .. I just wanted to know what is JooWon’s favorite color ? if you know I hope you answer me ,Thank You ^^
    ps:I’m sorry for my bad English ><

    • So sorry but I don’t know dear, Joo Won hasn’t mentioned about his favorite color before but I guess it’s green and blue cuz Joo Won often wear clothes with those colors

      • Oh! I hope green and blue is his favorite color cuz my favorite color is green and blue ^.^
        thank you for answer me ^^

  3. I just recently found out this site after looking for video links on 1N2D season 2. I really want to watch it because of joo won. I watched him on Baker King and Ojakgyo brothers. Thank you for posting those links and updates about joo won!!! kamsahamnida! 🙂

  4. I mean header but header and banner is the same thing, is it? I am not really good in PS, just trying there and here. Hope you’ll like it.

  5. Here another one. Thanks a lot for giving me a chance to show my gratitude to you for your hard work in sharing Joo Won’s love.

  6. Hi yoonshili,

    here is another header. Hope you’ll like it. If you have any request or whatever, pls let me know via my email. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  7. Hi Yoonshili,

    (I’m not sure whether I already posted this header)
    This is another one. If you have any request, please let me know via my email. Thanks a lot for sharing JooWon Love!

  8. Hi Yoonshili,

    Me again. Just wanna share the header. Here is the link

    Thanks dear, for accepting my past works. Happy that you like them.

  9. Hey-hey, Yoonshili!! ^^
    I have a question and donno where to ask it, so I do it here. >..<
    As JooWonnie's birthday coming soon, do you happen to know if the international fans prepare smth (as an event or present) for him?? ^^ It would be really nice and I want to participate in it if I can. 😀

    • Should we? I don’t know dear, if we do something, I don’t know how we can give him that present cuz in fact, he doesn’t know about us. I really want to dom something in his birthday too but I really don’t know what to do, do you have any idea?

  10. That’s even better if he doesn’t know about us cause he’ll be very surprised and happy. ^^
    Ummm… we first have to know where to send the present… then post on FB an announcement to see how many of us would want to participate and how. I mean, it would be really nice to raise some money if posible to send some flowers or a cake or even make a message-book (I saw it’s very popular to do so). If we can’t raise money, just make a video and post it on YT and send the link to him. ^^
    Donno… I have some ideas, but as I said, I need to know if there are people who would help doing this. ^^
    Btw, the FB account is managed by you also?? It’s more convenient for me to talk there. ^^

  11. hello~ i’m erica! i love your site, its overflowing with joo won’s stuff and this place is like a sanctuary for my Joo Won’s addiction. thank you! ^.^v

  12. Your blog is fantastic! Thank you sooooo much for all relentless efforts to update us fellow-joowonies on everything about our adorable oppa! I visit your page everyday! Jeongmal kamsamida! 🙂

  13. I’ve tried to search for Joo Won’s episode on MBC’s come to play with Uhm Tae Woong. But to no avail. Moreover, it’s not been subbed. I’m wondering if anyone of Joo Won’s fans here had see the video before? Can help give me the link to it? Thank You! XD

  14. Oh yes. Okay! Hope I won’t miss it on KBS. HOPE! XD thank you so much. Have a great day! I’ve just started watching ojakgyo brothers. :p

  15. This blog is fantastic….is there any information about joo won such as his favourite songs and other yoonshinli?…….
    P/S: sorry if my english is not correct….

  16. wow.. such an amazing blog dear^^ well, i also in love with joowon. and may i ask you, how many episodes for 1n2d?? i haven’t watch this show and really want to download this show, gomawo chingu.

  17. i come to find love for joo won…!! ❤ just look at my profile i was KHJ fan but now i'm prepare myself to know joo won more~ 2d1n bring me to him & i start to watch bridal mask & follow his update.. thank to this wpress i get more info about him…Thanks ALLz~

  18. thanks for this great blog 🙂 wondering where i can get a stuffed animal like the one in 7th grade civil servant ep 6. anyone who can help me here? thanks!

  19. Damn..actually I’m a bias of LMH, but wheeew…he’s really doing such a good job of stoling girls heart ^______^ Really an awesome blog..Keep Up The Good Work !!!

  20. Hello. I have watched Korean movies/ serials and I honestly impressed.I also enjoy Joo Won’s acting and singing.I do appreciate your work on this site.Good Luck to all of you.

  21. i am totally loving this site! thanks for all the info and updates and hopefully more people would love and support our beloved joo won! Joowonies 파이팅! 주원 오빠 파이팅!!

  22. Hi! Does anybody know where I can download or watch online the entire 2d1n season 2? KBSWorld only uploaded some on Youtube but but all episodes. Thanks all! I am so sad to see Joo Won leave, the 2d1n won’t be the same without him 😦

    • I had trouble finding the season 2 of 2d1n also. the only place I know that still has the older episodes is at PPTV. It’s chinese site which I have mobile app download and found variety, and word Korean (in chinese) which will lead to all Korean variety shows including 2d1n.
      hope this helps…

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