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  1. Dear Joo Won,
    I’m Apple – a single mom in Vietnam. I’m your fan.
    Try more & more. I think you will be a grear star not only in Korea but also all over the worlds.
    Joo Won!!!!! Fighting………..

  2. From Egyptian fan girl , Wish u the best wth ur work and drama . i fell in love with ur smile , FightingoOoOo Joo Won!!

    • Dear Joo Won,
      I’m from Vietnam.I’m your fan
      I love your simile Joo Won
      I will switch on your career path.I wish to Vietnam Joo Won

  3. I’m from the Philippines…. Joo won is so cute…. he’s really a great actor… can’t imagine how he portrays such roles…. i also love watching him in 2 days and 1 night…. good luck to your blooming career…. 🙂

  4. dear joo won! you’re such a great actor, and i’m not saying this to just ANY actor ^^ you’re doing a wonderful job in gaksital along with your other co-actors 🙂 this is how I got to know you and immidiately started watching your other projects! thx for working so hard to give us great dramas! good luck 😀

  5. i really like joowoon i dont like twitter but i make one just to follow him::D joowoon fighthing,,i always watch gaksital,and now i even watch 1n2d….i like the whole cast..i encourage you guys to watch1n2d if you want to see more joowoon cute smile …

  6. Love this blog. Thank you for the infos and cute photos of Joo Won. He’s young but have mountains of talent. He’s what i called as “Character Actor”, passionate about his character acting. He’s so adorable in 2d1n. Manage to persuade my friends to watch GAKSITAL and now they r falling in love with him. Yeay!! Did my job x-cellently. Looking forward for his next projects.

  7. hello!dear joo won you are a grrrreat actor!i lovvvvvvve you!& i watched every momment of bridal mask because you were amaizing.goooood luck!!!!

  8. I’ve tried to search for Joo Won’s episode on MBC’s come to play with Uhm Tae Woong. But to no avail. Moreover, it’s not been subbed. I’m wondering if anyone of Joo Won’s fans here had see the video before? Can help give me the link to it? Thank You! XD

  9. OMG…i’m watching the RAW episode 8 of L7CS (can’t understand Korean) and without spoiling anything..I am loving it!! Lots of acccccccccckkkk and THUD moments so far. *winks*

  10. hello joo won oppa,,annyeonghaseyo..i’m you’r fans from indo,,emm..jeongmal,,,i’m very like,love and always miss you,,,you’re a great actor,,multitalent,handsome,,smart,cute,,and so awesome,,daebak,,you’r drama’s is very funny and then very entertaining,,someday i hope i meet you..hehe,,okay,,be fightiing… Naneul Saranghae,,

  11. hey guys, read this:

    our Joowon made it into the top 20!!!! he’s at number 18!!!! i’m so proud of him. so young, so talented, and he’s currently being recognized for it. *tears of joy* to be on the list is definitely something to be proud of, since this list is made up based on popularity, demands, payments, etc. so it is actually more accurate. ^^

  12. Hi yoonshinli, your site is daebak, I like it and visit here often, it makes my day because you update us about our Joo Won. When I watch Civil Servant, I was into Joo Won, then I dig his other projects till I come to your page where it has almost all of his projects infos…so then I watch Gaksital, then the more I watch Gaksital the more I become immersed in his acting and the more I am into Joo Won, very good actor, the first reason I wanted to watch King of Baking is because of the main lead actor but after watching Gaksital, it made me wanted to watch because of our Joo Won and wanting to finish it as soon as I finish watching 1n2d…and it made me hook to Joo Won…very talented young actor…can sing and dance wow…all-in-one actor…Yoonshinli I hope you continue your hardwork on feeding us infos about our Joo Won…Kudos!!!-gentlyrain

    • I always love reading what you guys say on fan sharing, it’s touched and it gives me more strengh to do what I’m doing now on this blog, thank you gỏ visting my blog and thank you for loving our Joo Won ^^

  13. i really love Joo Won when he played in his drama, 7th grade civil servant,, after i saw him, i think that he really handsome,, so i try to looking for another drama, and found gaksital, and actually that drama is really cool because of his acting,, so i looking for his reality show, and i found i night 2 days. it’s a really good show, and Joo Won knows how to make a good and cool act,, even he can sing !! i really surprised it ! however,, i really thankfully for your site, so i can see our Joo Won every time i want.. :))

  14. joo won saranghea ❤
    I'm an Arab (egyption) fan of u
    I really like ur act . ur my best korean actor at all
    All the best ….. Fighting

  15. I am really impressed by Joo won’s everything, including his humble character. Worthy of everyone’s love and praise. hope everyone read the joo won’s ratings on films & books. 99 out of 100! Also, Good Doctor 1-2 ep review, 5 out of 5 thumbs! can’t stop smiling. 🙂

  16. Hi Yoon, would like to share this with everyone regarding JooWon’s Good Doctor Director’s cut DVD. please let me know if it’s a problem.

    Currently they are trying to meet the requirements to make the GoodDoc DVD with unseen scenes with bloopers, interviews etc. and is requesting help from the international fans of JooWon. what they need is at least 1000 people that is willing to buy before they can actually make the DVD.
    All they need is an email to with name, email and number of dvd you would like to purchase. ex) Josh/USA/1/

    For more info & directions or to share ideas go to:
    Twitter: @Gooddocdvd

  17. Wow! Yoon, you are awesome!!! bbbb (thumbs up)

    JooWon International fans, they really need our help!!!

    Below is the Good Doctor Director’s Cut DVD Teasers:

    Really hope we get to see JooWon’s behind the scene ultra cuteness as well as the research process of the Good Doc. ~~ Thank you everyone!!! 🙂

  18. i love this site…it feels like we are close to joo won.., i just wish he really knows that he’s appreciated not only in korea…=) i never saw korean actor as good as him, ofcourse a lot of korean actor is good but joo wo is the best i should say… i really wanted to have a photo of him with me =( if only… joo thanks for being such an inspiration…and being such a positive person in all your ways…
    i hope to see you in person…i really hope so….

  19. And here’s preview of GoodDoctor Premium DVD extra… (we did not have enough survey for the Director’s Cut DVD.. :’\)

    Can’t wait for the DVD for the interviews and extras!

  20. Hi Everyone, the first Catch Me preview is here!!!

    got so excited after seeing this. Although it’s not uploaded on Youtube yet, and it’s all in Korean.

    Basic translation of it is, on the first teaser, starts with caption, “The strong suspect of national treasures.” “does not leave any trace or evidence.” next scene shows JooWon asking “aren’t you hungry?” AJung replies “I will be eating a lot when I go to jail anyways.” JooWon finishes with “The legend Thief, she is my first love.” and Ajung adds “can you catch me? really?”

    second teaser, starts with “top graduate of Police University(academy).” “maven of criminal minds analyst,” “cold, impeccable profiler with looks of a model.”
    The next scene when JooWon is getting electric shock says “aigo” next scene with neck brace “why~~” Ajoong says “Profiler, he is my first love.” and JooWon adds “can you get away from me? really?”

    Can’t wait for the actual movie!!!!! looks funny cute and handsome/pretty at the same time!

    (please excuse my translation it may not be perfect but it conveys the meaning…^^)

  21. YooHeeYeol Sketchbook Translation

    JooWon=JW YooHeeYeol=MC Ivy=IV

    MC: (to audience’s reaction) That’s right. Isn’t our image similar?
    Here’s JooWon on our show. (to JW) Have you been well?
    JW: Yes, I’ve been very well.
    MC: I am quite surprised that you sing very well. There have been many actors and comedians who came on our show but you have the best singing vocal (singing ability).
    JW: No…I lack a lot…
    MC: (with his signature look, eyes of hawk) Don’t be a show-off
    JW: Hyung, (older brother) your signature look (eyes of hawk) came out!
    MC: By the way, why haven’t you been in contact all this time? (touching JW’s leg, says) I am just curious of his pant’s material. This material seems very pretty… (to JW) why didn’t you contact all this time?
    JW: I failed to get your contact information last time…
    MC: I see…I am not the type of a guy to gives my contact away easily everywhere…
    Could you introduce the song you sang today upon your entrance? What kind of song was it?
    JW: Many may know, it’s a song character Si-On sang on Good Doctor. This is the song I always liked which became the Drama’s OST.
    MC: Yes, it’s a song by An Chi Hwan…
    JW: Correct, “If I were”
    MC: Today, we just heard this in JW’s version, but our writer made a special request that he/she would like to hear Si-On’s version as well. Can you really do that? I can’t imagine it as Si-On has a unique way of talking.
    JW: That’s right. Although you think this could be done easily, there needs to be a basic posture…
    MC: Ah, you need a method acting to do this…
    JW: Basic posture is bent back…I acted in this posture throughout the drama. The head needs to be turned little, like this, and eyes without much focus… MC: He’s concentrating He’s getting into the character…
    JW: Do I sing? Do you want me to sing? MC: What’s wrong with you?
    JW: (sings Si-On version of “If I Were”) I did it like this.
    MC: while looking at you this way, my maternal instinct, which I don’t have, is coming out. I see, so this is the maternal instinct…
    MC: JooWon is currently working as an Actor but debut was as a Musical Actor.
    JW: Yes, correct
    MC: This time, you are going back to, you can say your “home”, which is as Musical Actor, what kind of piece is it?
    JW: Many people know the movie “Ghost” which is the original piece of this musical.
    MC: Ah, the movie in 1990’s with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. I am sure everyone remembers the part where she is making the potter on the wheel like this, then from behind comes “oh my ~ love~.” Right? Right?
    JW: Yes, you are right. It’s a very beautiful scene MC: I told myself not to sing even when I get too excited…that part really is the best scene…could you show it to us right now?
    JW: But it requires a female actor and something like a piano bench… MC: We have Piano bench and a female actor. JW: Oh, female actor too? MC: We are well prepared and ready. There is a person who has a body of a Girl Group singer.
    JW: Really? MC: (when the chair comes) I will just sit here and that will do. Ja, please show us that scene…I am going to think of this as real acting. So JooWon, you shouldn’t get any serious feelings or get into it too much. JW: I am going to act very sincerely also.
    MC: Let’s get it over with quickly?
    JW: (sings)
    MC: JooWon Stop!!!
    JW: (laughs)… but I think you have a very slim and delicate body.
    MC: really to this extent… you really are a good actor. Wow, I really got into it and at a moment, felt like my soul was escaping my body. I feel sorry that I may have messed up such a beautiful scene for the audience… At this time, would like to introduce the original female star of this scene. Singer, and recently as a Musical Actor, there is nothing she cannot do. Here’s Ivy.
    MC: Before we sit down, Ivy, please introduce yourself.
    IV: Hello. Glad to meet you, I am IVY.
    MC: JooWon worked with many female actors in the past. What is IVY’s charm?
    JW: First, she is very nice(kind). So many people have confirmed it. Also she has an excellent singing skill that other actors cry every time she sings.
    MC: Oh, really? She has feeling and strength in her singing to that extent…
    JW: She makes people cry just from her singing
    MC: Since two of you are coming out as a lover in this musical, what kind of scenes are there? I am personally curious to know if there will be a kiss scene and or more?
    IV: It’s a must see for many females because JooWon takes off his top. I take them off since there is a bed scene.
    MC: Good Good~~
    This really is a good Musical.
    We will be watching your performance together next, please explain which scene it is…
    JW: It’s the scene showing the happy daily life of Sam & Molly. It’s saying “Here Right Now,” we are very happy. The song is a happy song picturing a beautiful love scene.
    MC: With our request for this song, wish two of you a successful performance.
    Will say good-bye now with JooWon & Ivy who came on our show today.
    Thank you for being our guest today.
    JW/IV: Thank you.

  22. The translation of the Catch Me Official Trailer:
    JW: When catching a suspect, your feeling towards opposite sex rules your emotion. Therefore, you must remain cold (detached). Even if that is… your lover.
    AJ: In our world having no reputation is the best reputation.
    JW: It looks like we can capture the strongest suspect in this case.
    JW: I am here to take you in right now.
    AJ: Long time no see.
    JW: Lee Sook Ja? (name of his first love from 10 years ago)

    Caption: Lovers from 10 years ago, meet each other again as Police vs Thief

    AJ: Can’t believe you became a Police.
    JW: Don’t do that! (when she is trying to steal)
    JW: What about the tear drop diamond?
    AJ: I gave it away.
    Appraiser: It’s fake…
    JW: I guess you are the case that will not change even after you turn yourself in..
    AJ: You think you can catch me?

    Caption: This Winter’s most Dangerous Meeting

    JW: what are you going to do if you get caught?
    JW: Nothing’s working out because of you!

    Caption: Police ♡ Thief

    AJ: You can just turn me in.
    AJ: Why am I on the bed? Did you take my clothes off like this and then dressed me?
    JW: It’s a misunderstanding!

    Looks fun!!! 🙂

  23. Here’s the longer (full) version of the Catch Me Press Conference. Here’s the Youtube link…
    let me know if anyone wants translation. Looks fun fun fun!!! 🙂 (they even had lie detector for couple of questions LOL! )

  24. Hi Yoonshinli, not sure if I can let everyone know about Good Doctor DVD pre-order going on now?? Please let me know if is a problem or you can just delete… 🙂

    It is not going to be ‘Director’s Cut’ as we all wished. But! It is going to be ‘Premium ver. DVD’. but don’t be disappointed!! The only difference is that the Drama is not going to be edited from the original.

    Fixed contents of the DVD are:

    10 DISK (Original Drama) + 2 DISK (Interviews,Makings,Deleted Scenes, etc.)
    Script book for all Episodes (In Korean)
    Photo book (52 pages)
    Signed post cards of Joo-Won and Chea Won- Moon (Copied signature.)
    Good Doctor Poster (Actor+Director’s real signature will be randomly included, LIMITED AMOUNT!!)

    Price: 121,000 won (VAT included, shipping not included)
    Approximated Release Date: By at the end of December of 2013.

    Pre-Order Request is currently in progress.
    If you pre-order DVD you will receive additional of ‘Drama Guide Book’ (In Korean) and Unreleased OST CD as special gift. (I believe for any pre-order of first 1000)

    Pre-order links

    – English (for everywhere except N. America)

    -English (for N. America)
    To USA & CANADA fans only!

    Also, for more info or for any questions, please use They speak English.

    Imagine owning lovable Si-On and other memorabilia forever!!! 🙂 I’ve ordered one for myself and another for Holiday gift for a relative 😉

  25. Want to share the Catch Me Schoo Attach event Youtube clip!!! JooWon for CatchMe promotion, went to all girl University of Sung Shin and have a meeting to search for his first love… Enjoy!!!

  26. Hope I am not overloading everyone… but JooWon’s ever busy and has so much for his fans to see… 🙂 This Youtube clip is from the Movie World and it has additional making of the movie we haven’t seen before. Enjoy!!!

  27. hello everyone… here’s JooWon’s cut of Good Morning Korea list of actors who have the singing ability as or better than professional singers… JW was the first actor shown. It’s the clips from Ghost and YooHeeYeol’s Sketchbook of JooWon singing and it’s complementing how well JooWon sings and his singing ability is well known in the Entertainment Industry…


  28. Hi everyone! can’t help but to share this video of JooWon’s cuteness… I kept watching it over and over again… and no need to translate as his actions says it all!!! 🙂

  29. Hello everyone! A Song For You just released the full version of the JooWon singing Butterfly Effect …Global Request Show : A Song For You – 나비효과 | Butterfly Effect by Joo Won

    I am melting… ❤

  30. this is really strange… Hi Yoonshinli, could you please delete above 2? don’t know why a completely different youtube clip is showing instead of JooWon’s 3 little words… 😦

  31. I just became a fan recently…and is loving it..(although I am hoping that I became a fan earlier)
    It was after I saw a couple of Good Doctor episode and 2D1N on KBS World…funny coz when I first saw the preview of GD I found the story interesting although I thought the actor kind of look like someone who would be often cast as the antagonist…(I am so regretting that first impression…now I know first impressions don’t last)…So I watched the first episodes (on rerun since the only familiar face then was Moon Chae-Won whom I saw on Innocent Man)…Surprisingly I got hooked…the actor was very very good…excellent in fact…but then it did not stir my interest (to Joo Won) as of yet…
    Then I came across an Entertainment Weekly episode where he was the guest for Guerilla Date, during the interview I found him very down to earth…a bit shy almost…I was taken aback since I did not expect him to be that…just then I came across an episode of 2D1N (first ever episode I watched), I was not planning on watching but then I saw him as one of the members…I got curious so I tuned in a bit more…it was that episode where they have to barter.. I did not even remembered his name then I just remembered calling out to my partner “Hey! Did you know Good Doctor was a cast here?”…Yes…. since I didn’t know his name I called him “Good Doctor” (so ashamed of myself)…surprisingly I finished that episode of 2D1N, watching that first episode of 2D1N I learned that he was well mannered…really really shy…funny…and soooooooooooo cute…THEN I started googling him, then all the symptoms of becoming a fan just started…after that I never missed an episode of Good Doctor even watched the rerun…even 2D1N…then I watched his previous dramas, looked him up in youtube followed him on twitter and on facebook…then I became JOOWONIES..

    I must say I’m really proud to have been moved by an excellent yet very down to earth, kind and heart warming actor…To our Joo Won…I’ll be a fan forever…

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