Voting for the 21st Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards

Here is  a letter from a Joo Won’s fan named Eiram Moon, (s)he sent me about this vote and hope for help:

Dear admi(s) I would like you to help me spread the news that there is a voting poll going on. Your site is very popular amongst joo Won’s 
fans, that’s why I’m asking you this favor and I think not many people know about this voting poll. This is an official voting so our votes are SO IMPORTANT, Joo Won is second at the moment, but the difference between the first place and second one is really big. As I know you are a very dedicated fan(s) and I would like to thank you for your blog and this facebook page.
Please help to spread the word, but if you decide not to post this I will understand, once again thanks for taking your time updatind many news and everything related to Joo Won.
The voting is the 21st Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards, you need to register in order to vote, so here’s the link for the registration

once you have registered you can go to the list of nominees by clicking this link

Once there just click on Joo Won’s picture and it would take you to a kind of profile list and click on the big checkmark and that’s the end of the voting (I think you can vote only once per day). Here are the steps on how to register 

1st Step and 2nd step (photos below)

Let’s do this for him ^^

7 thoughts on “Voting for the 21st Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards

  1. what I do for the part that needs korean charaters (Name), I just copy 2 korean words on that page and paste it and continue creating the ID. 🙂

  2. Okay everyone, I think in the instruction, it’s hard to know what to push first to get to the first screen above to agree and go to next screen to create an ID to vote if you don’t understand Korean.
    if you click on the on very top right corner of the page, you will see:
    홈으로 | 로그인 | 회원가입 | 아이디/패스워드찾기
    Home | Log_in | create ID member | find ID/Password
    You want to click on the 3rd one, 회원가입, which means to create an id or membership.
    Once you click it, it will open a window wish the 1st screen above. Just select first buttons, meaning you are agreeing to their policy… hope this helps!

    I think more than anyone this year, JooWon deserves an award; hope everyone will agree & help vote!!! 🙂

    • Great! Just to get you bit more excited, he was just voted top actor for 2013 in survey by the selected people from entertainment industry (ex, PD, Reporters, Staffs, etc from the 3 major stations). 🙂

  3. one ID, one Vote? or one Day, one Vote? how many times can I vote per day by using only one ID?
    I clicked the vote button many times, but I am not sure whether the vote goes up or not.

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