Joo Won Casts in Movie “Only You”

Actor Joo Won will appear in a new movie.

The actor’s agency, Sim Entertainment, revealed on March 8th, that the actor will play the lead role in upcoming movie “Only You”

The movie is directed by Lee Hyun Jong (No Comment, 2002) and will be about a police man (Joo Won) who is chasing a burglar and ends up falling in love with her.

This will be Joo Won’s third participation in a movie, the actor appeared in the 2012 horror movie “Don’t Click” alongside Park Bo Young, and in the 2011 movie “Special Investigation Unit” alongside Uhm Tae Woong.

The interesting thing, is that in all of his movies, he has played the role of a law enforcement person. In “Special Investigation Unit” he played the role of a criminal profiler trained by the FIB. In “Don’t Click” he played the role of an investigator of web crime, and in his newest movie, he will play a policeman.

His agency, also revealed that the actor will start the filming of the drama, once his schedules with MBC’s “Level 7 Civil Servant” are over.

Meanwhile, the casting for the leading female actress is going on. The movie will premiere in late 2013.


PS: There is rumor says Shin Min Ah will be the main actress of this movie


9 thoughts on “Joo Won Casts in Movie “Only You”

  1. it would be nice if the actress will be Shin Min Ah. They will look good together. Both a model & with tall stature. can’t wait for this movie….

  2. Baker King = villain, 2nd lead
    Ojakyo Brothers = police(??), one of the main 6-8 lead actors
    Dont Click = sorry, i dont know his character in here
    Bridal Mask = police officer/Bridal Mask, lead
    Special Investigation Unit = criminal police officer, physchologist, 2nd lead
    7th Grade Civil Servant = spy, lead

    and now, he will play another role as a police officer in Only You.. he’s definitely one of the actors that is labelled to be in action movies/dramas.. not everyone can play this kind of role, so this is very good of him. ^^

    • police man? come on :)) he had only cop/detective/spy roles :)) but these roles fit them ^^ Joo Won oppa , fighting & Shin Min Ah,kyyya, I hope to play in this movie . In “Don’t Click” he played the role of an investigator of web crime

  3. wow..i sincerely hope that the rumor regarding Shin Min Ah being the lead female is TRUE. *crossing my fingers*

    so happy for you Joo Won. each project you’re offered is a blessing. continue doing your best 🙂

  4. yay!! joo wonnieee in another movie! this guy never takes a rest does he 😛 .. i hope ths movie is good cuz joo won is awesome!

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