Level 7 Civil Servant Episode 13: Joo Won Rushes To Save Choi Kang Hee After She Is Put In Danger Alone

Seo-won (Choi Kang-hee) may be unknowingly walking into a trap alone as Gil-ro (Joo Won) rushes to save her.

JJ (Im Yoon-ho) prepares to set up a trap for the NIS operatives, depositing his firearms in a place for him to snipe the operatives.

Mi-rae (Kim Soo-hyun), on the other side, orders the CEO to circle the skiing track to identify the NIS operatives, but Seo-won and Do-ha (Chansung) still manages to tail the CEO.

Mi-rae is still suspicious, however, and orders the CEO into a sauna, making Seo-won and Do-ha separate. Do-ha splits from Seo-won and tails the CEO, but he is forced to stop after the in-ear receiver malfunctions and injures his ear.

Seo-won continues to tail the CEO, with Gil-ro observing them. Seo-won goes up a mountain on a lift, and Joo-won sees JJ behind her. Because the in-ear receivers being jammed, he cannot warn her, and he takes off from the base camp after commandeering a snowmobile from the skiing camp. Finding out that the snowmobile is inadequate to get up to the mountain, he starts to run, worrying about Seo-won’s safety.

Source: http://koreandrama.com/level-7-civil-servant-episode-13-joo-won-rushes-to-save-choi-kang-hee-after-she-is-put-in-danger-alone/


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